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Insurance4Dallas may help find affordable Life Insurance if you are over 65 years of age and have pre-existing conditions.  We also help healthy individuals and their families find affordable life insurance such as Term, Universal Life and Whole Life.  Our plans start at $5000 and can insure for over $1,000,000.  If you are a business man, we offer key-man insurance for your business.  We represent several companies and can match the right insurance carrier’s benefits with your budget.  Here are some of the particulars of getting one of the following:



Term Insurance

  • - Remote Time Clock (App on Smart Phone)
  • - Itemized Time Tracking - per Task, Grant, Project  Number, etc.
  • - Online Pay Stubs
  • - Quarterly Tax Filings
  • - State Tax reporting
  • - Tax Season W2s

Employee Benefits

  • - Least expensive of the three insurances
  • - Temporary Insurance
  • - Limited Benefit for the Term of the Policy
  • - No Cash Value

Universal Life Insurance

  • - Has Cash Value
  • - May Borrow against Policy
  • - Permanent Insurance
  • - May be Invested in Equity Funds for Growth

Whole Life Insurance

  • - May be Permanent up to age 126
  • - Has Cash Value
  • - May Borrow against Cash Value
  • - May be Paid up After a Certain Age
Take the time to complete the information below, and we will prescreen your needs and help you find an affordable Life Insurance Plan.

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Texas life Insurance


Texas life Insurance

Shared Mindset

The greatest possible liability to an HR organization operating in a shared service Texas life Insurance mode is the failure to achieve a shared mindset across the organization’s different functions and roles. A shared mindset is created by communicating the group’s identity, purpose, and values to all involve in the shared service organization. The extent of a shared mindset may be assessed by asking this question: What are the top three things we in the HR function want to be known for? The responses of all HR professionals, regardless of where they work in the function, should show a 75 percent consensus. This Texas life Insurance overlap represents the unity that exists within the HR function, a unity that communicates and reinforces the department’s sense of direction and focus. When HR professionals possess a shared mindset, the users of their services will absorb it as well.

Shadow Staff

Shared services means that line managers may no longer have HR Texas life Insurance professionals at their beck and call; often, the line manager’s accustomed dedicated staff of HR professionals of HR professionals no longer exists. If, in response, line managers employ their own administrative assistants or turn to external consultant to perform organization/HR work, rather than using the HR shared services, a shadow staff may develop.

These shadow staffs defeat the purpose of the shared service Texas life Insurance. They lack expertise, and by using them, line managers add costs and disperse control. Shadow staffs create a bureaucracy that should have been avoided through effective development of the shared service organization. They emerge when the HR business partner has failed to deliver value to the Texas life Insurance.


Administrative experts improve the efficiency of the work they perform. This   has focused on administrative efficiency within the HR function, but similar activities could be practiced for other functions and processes within a firm.

Being an administrative expert requires mastery of two phases of reengineering. In phase 1, improving processes, HR professionals learn how to streamline, automate, and improve the efficiency of the HR practices. They apply the principles of reengineering business processes to reengineering HR processes. In phase 2, rethinking value creation, HR professionals go beyond merely reengineering process to rethinking how work is performed. Some of the innovations in shared services, aimed at value creation, not only improve processes but reframe organizational thinking. This thinking includes deciding what work is done and what is not done, where and how the work is done, and who does it.


…Continued in Texas outsourcing human resource

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