Shopping for health insurance

In Texas?

If you’re shopping for health insurance in Texas, Insurance4Dallas works with you and for you. Insurance4Dallas is committed to helping you understand health coverage and managing health costs. As an example, did you know the argument over how to fund the insurance exchanges and how to regulate insurance prices does not address the problem of health care costs. The high costs of medical insurance in the U.S. is a symptom of out-of-control and obscure pricing by healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies and other medical institutions. While the Affordable Care Act covers qualified individuals by using subsidies to reduce costs, the focus of reducing costs should be tied to the policies and pricing of healthcare providers. What is needed is price transparency. Without that, government subsidies will make it difficult to have affordability and quality healthcare.

Insurance4Dallas’s solution resides in teaching policy holders and businesses how to recognize and manage healthcare costs. This is done by managing three common issues that are problems to the healthcare system: premium cost, policy deductibles and PPO vs. HMO networks.  At Insurance4Dallas, we teach clients how to manage high costs, how to reduce deductibles and how to use networks to an advantage.  This is done using unique strategies to get policy costs to affordable prices and policy deductibles to manageable sizes.

In addition, Insurance4Dallas provides Dental, Vision and Life insurance products. We have many options for you to choose. When it comes to personal lines of insurance, choosing the right policy for you and your family is what we do best. We are here to preserve your peace of mind. Affordable Coverage is our Priority.