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 The senior managers on the Texas Health Resources Waco team endeavored to make the vision a reality through town-hall meetings where managers and associates discussed the vision and identified actions that they could stop, start, or simplify to make the vision happen in their work units. The team integrated subcommittee work on a total performance index (TPI) that would measure each of the three Cs and provide benchmarks for tracking Sears’s Texas Health Resources Waco. TPI scores would serve as indicators of managerial effectiveness and would be tied to long-term incentives and employee correspondence) and communications events (for example, an annual chairman’s conference) to keep the transformation theme fresh and alive for all employees.

The Texas Health Resources Waco turnaround was evident in visible short-term results; its transformation will be evident in how associates and customers think and feel about the company. This vignette captures the essence of the transformation effort.


In most studies of whether change works, results lag behind expectations. Answers to the following questions demonstrate the extent to which change often fails to produce change.

  1. What percent of people reach their target weight in Weight Watchers?
  2. What percent of people maintain their target weight forever?
  3. What percent of people stop smoking and never start again?
  4. What percent of people stop smoking and never start again after a major physical crisis?
  5. What percent of reengineering (or quality) efforts are judged to be successful?

Answers to these Texas Health Resources Waco questions are often lower than people expect. Five percent of Weight Watchers clients reach their target weight; one-half of one percent maintain it forever. Seventeen percent stop smoking and never start again, and forty-three do so after a major physical crisis. Individual change is difficult. Most New Year’s resolutions fall prey to old practices, habits are hard to change and seldom do. If individuals find change difficult, it is not surprising that Texas Health Resources Waco does too. Twenty-five percent of all reengineering efforts are judged to be successful. Understanding why changes fail may be a first step in overcoming failure.

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