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Texas health insurance plans are sometimes  dishonest by keeping quiet. Since insurance contract is a contract of utmost good faith, failure to reveal a matter material to the underwriting decision of the insurance company may again be grounds for loss of benefits. For example, if you know that a forest fire is heading toward your house, you can’t call a property insurance agent, get an agreement for immediate coverage (see “Where Does Coverage Begin?” below), and expect to collect benefits when your house burns down. That just wouldn’t be cricket.


Attendance and Punctuality


Absence and lateness of employees can hurt production, placing additional burdens on other employees says Texas Health Insurance Plans.  Employees are expected to be in and ready to work on time.  If you expect to be late or absent, notify your supervisor as soon as possible.  If you are absent more than one day, call in daily unless otherwise notified.


Bulletin Boards


Bulletin boards are located within the work areas to communicate information to our staff and Texas Health Insurance.  They are for company use and management is responsible for the posting of all information.  Items may include job openings, information about company-sponsored events and activities, and legally required notices and Health Insurance Plans.

When purchasing health insurance in Texas, there are a number of options to choose.  You may choose to use an online quoting system, call a broker or get advice from a friend who has had experience purchasing health insurance.  This ;year there will be more plans to choose from based on the requirements that have eased from the federal government.



Business Ethics


Companies should be committed to conducting its business according Texas Health Insurance Plans and the highest legal, moral, and ethical standards.  An employee of a company is expected to deal honestly and fairly with customers, suppliers, and coworkers.  By maintaining these standards, the good name and reputation of the company earned throughout the community are enhanced

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