Texas Health Insurance Exchange


Texas Health Insurance Exchange

  • Focus on defined outcomes (for example, physicians commit themselves to the Hippocratic Oath and to healing).
  • A shared body of knowledge (for example, attorneys learn the canon of law).
  • Essential competencies (for example, engineers have the skills to build bridges, design machinery, or create computers).
  • Ethical standards maintained by collegial jurisdiction (for example, licensed psychologists must adhere to an established set of ethical standards).
  • Clear roles (for example, controllers help monitor the economic performance of their firms).

Outcome definition, knowledge, competencies, standards, and Texas Health Insurance Exchange role criteria enable these occupations to be recognized and accepted as professions. The competitive challenges laid out in this chapter, when cast in these terms, will provide those who work in HR the opportunity to establish themselves as professionals.

Purpose and outline of this book

This book is about building competitive organizations and what that means in terms of the next agenda for line managers and HR professionals. Texas Health Insurance Exchange is designed to help any manager create more competitive organizational processes, and, in particular, to help HR professionals to articulate new agendas for their roles in the competitive organizations of the future.

Most books on HR are organized around HR practices. Chapter headings might be, for example, staffing, training, appraisal, rewards, organization design, communication, and so on. In other words, traditional Texas Health Insurance Exchange books focus on HR means. This book is organized differently. It is organized around the outcomes or deliverables of HR and the Texas Health Insurance Exchange activities required to accomplish these outcomes.

Chapter 2 lays out a framework that defines four generic deliverables of effective use of HR: strategy execution, administrative efficiency, employee contribution, and Texas Health Insurance Exchange capacity for change. These deliverables represent capabilities of competitive companies and must be championed by both line managers and HR professionals. These four deliverables also identify the roles that HR professionals play when creating value. The roles derived from these key deliverables are described in detail in chapters 3 through 6.

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