Term Life Insurance Expiring


Insurance4Dallas may help find affordable Life Insurance if you are over 65 years of age and have pre-existing conditions.  We also help healthy individuals and their families find affordable life insurance such as Term, Universal Life and Whole Life.  Our plans start at $5000 and can insure for over $1,000,000.  If you are a business man, we offer key-man insurance for your business.  We represent several companies and can match the right insurance carrier’s benefits with your budget.  Here are some of the particulars of getting one of the following:



Term Insurance

  • - Remote Time Clock (App on Smart Phone)
  • - Itemized Time Tracking - per Task, Grant, Project  Number, etc.
  • - Online Pay Stubs
  • - Quarterly Tax Filings
  • - State Tax reporting
  • - Tax Season W2s

Employee Benefits

  • - Least expensive of the three insurances
  • - Temporary Insurance
  • - Limited Benefit for the Term of the Policy
  • - No Cash Value

Universal Life Insurance

  • - Has Cash Value
  • - May Borrow against Policy
  • - Permanent Insurance
  • - May be Invested in Equity Funds for Growth

Whole Life Insurance

  • - May be Permanent up to age 126
  • - Has Cash Value
  • - May Borrow against Cash Value
  • - May be Paid up After a Certain Age
Take the time to complete the information below, and we will prescreen your needs and help you find an affordable Life Insurance Plan.

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Term Life Insurance Expiring



Term Life Insurance Expiring

Insurance company representatives. As you compare and contrast the different insurance policies on the market (see below), you will, by definition, discuss what is contained in them with the insurance representatives who are trying to sell them to you. Use these professionals as valuable sources of information who can specifically show you how their policies protect you and your family, based on your individual circumstances. At the same time, always remember that agents earn their living by selling products, so be sure to take what you are told Term Life Insurance Expiring.

Your local library. There is a great deal of information available to you for free in your local library. The following sources can be especially helpful for Term Life Insurance Expiring:

Consumer Reports magazine. This nonprofit periodical (which by the way, accepts no advertising) is in the business of comparing and contrasting various products and services on the market. From time to time it compares and contrasts the different kinds of personal insurance and the insurance companies that sell them. Ask your librarian how to find Term Life Insurance Expiring issues on the subject of your choice. Better yet, subscribe. (The address for Consumer Reports is 101 Truman Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10703, (800)234-1645.

Best’s Insurance Reports and other rating publications. There are several business publications that rate the financial condition of insurance companies. The best known is the best’s Insurance Reports, which comes in two separate volumes; one on property/ casual insurance and one of life/ health insurance. Best’s analyzes the financial strength of insurance companies and rate them from A++ (a new rating recently introduced by Best’s for companies they consider to be the most substantial) down through E (under state supervision) and (in liquidation). Bests has also added a rating of NA-11 (rating suspended), which indicates that a previously rated company has experienced a sudden and significant event affecting the company’s Term Life Insurance Expiring. The better the rating, the stronger Bests believes the immediate financial prospects for a company to be. It is probably not a good idea to do business with a company poorly rated in Best’s or other publications, such as Standard and poor’s and Moody’s, which public similar ratings. Remember, Best’s and other rating services represent only a snapshot in time. The financial condition of companies can change Term Life Insurance Expiring quickly, as occurred with Executive Life Insurance in California.

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