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If your union, employer, or other group administrators are in the process of negotiating a policy on your behalf, get involved with a San Antonio Health Plan. You will be bound by whatever contract is negotiated, so take a look at the fine print before the deals are signed. If you don’t like what you see, speak up. The benefits you save may be important to you later on.


San Antonio Health Plan

Job-Specific Forms


Job-specific evaluation forms measure actual job duties and responsibilities rather than general personality says San Antonio Health Plan.  Duties are specific tasks making up the job, which must be performed on a daily basis.  Examples are answering telephones, unloading trucks, operating equipment, work process, date entry on a computer, operating a lathe, and so on.  Responsibilities are combinations of duties leading to an end result or product.  Specific examples are:  responsible for delivering all interoffice mail by 10:00 am daily; balance petty cash transactions daily by 4:00 pm; process incoming catalog orders within two working days.


You can construct these forms yourself by selecting the most important duties and responsibilities from your job descriptions as well as consulting employees doing the work says San Antonio Health Plan.  Obtaining employee feedback and cooperation enhances the form’s credibility.  Quantify and quality standards can be incorporated if you have actual targets to attain.


The Upside


The advantage of this style of form is that the factors measured are more closely linked to the job than to personality traits.  Both supervisor and employee know in advance what is being measured.


The Downside


The downside is that it takes time and effort to evaluate each job, prioritize duties and responsibilities, set standards, and evaluate compliance.  Also, stability must exist in the workplace with San Antonio Health Plan.  This is not always achievable if the staff is running from one priority to another.

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