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Group purchases using San Antonio Health Insurance. As we will discuss in detail later a good way to get the best product for the best price is to be a member of a group that has purchased insurance at group rates. A group is a collection on people with a common interest (such as a union, corporation, and trade association) who use the concept of “power in numbers” to purchase insurance under the principles of mass merchandising. If the group is big enough, it can usually buy better benefits for a lower price than an individual buyer.


San Antonio Health Insurance

Traditional Performance Evaluation Forms


Traditional performance evaluation forms come in a wide variety of designs, yet they share one thing in common:  they use personal9ty traits to measure performance says San Antonio Health Insurance.  Examples of traits are cooperativeness, ability to handle stress, and flexibility.  Traditional forms are common and easy to use.  The form, with its descriptive phrases, leads the evaluator through the review process.

The Upside


Since they are so general, the traditional forms can be used for a wide variety of positions said San Antonio Health Insurance.  Most of the personality traits (called performance factors) can be applied to any job since they are not job specific.  These forms do not become out of date and minimal training and education are required to complete them.


The Downside


The disadvantage of the traditional form is that it focuses on personality traits rather than the job itself with San Antonio Health Insurance.  The term cooperativeness may mean one thing to the entrepreneur, another to the employee.  When pressed to defend the rating, the reviewer is often at a loss.  These forms evaluate employees at the end of the review period.  Most employees are flying blind up to that point, not really knowing how they’re performing.


Narrative Forms


Some firms do not assign rating levels when doing evaluations.  They use narrative comments instead to indicate performance.  Some traditional forms don’t have provisions for an overall rating level, but leave room for comments under each rating factor.

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