Obamacare for Texas


Obamacare for Texas

On the other hand, HR professionals must apply their administrative expertise to HR processes. Even if not invited to participate in business reengineering. HR professionals should demonstrate their ability to deliver HR services efficiently by reengineering their own Obamacare for Texas as needed. By so doing, they not only improved their firm’s infrastructure but earn credibility for participation in subsequent business change efforts.

In reengineering either Obamacare for Texas or HR processes, HR professionals can add enormous value by recognizing and responding appropriately to the two phrases common to any reengineering effort, phase 1, improving processes focuses on identifying ineffective processes and devising alternative methods of delivering services. This phase represents the most common type of Obamacare for Texas and employs traditional reengineering tools (for example, process mapping, flow charting, and so on). Phase 2, rethinking value creation, goes beyond simplifying and improving processes to rethinking the structures that enable Obamacare for Texas to get done. The following sections review ways in which HR professionals can add value at each phase. Creating value is described in greater detail, since this set of activities is less familiar.

Phase 1: Improving Processes

Phase 1 of HR reengineering applies business reengineering principles to improving HR processes. Arthur Yeung, a professor of business at the University of Michigan, has laid out the following steps in HR reengineering.

  1. Define the target processes.
  2. Develop “as is” models.
  3. Challenge underlying assumption.
  4. Develop “should be” models.
  5. Implement, roll out, and market.
  6. Measure business impact.

For each of these six steps, summarizes activities, tools, responsibility, and output. Underlying all these efforts is a relatively simple goal: stopping some HR activities and simplifying others, most often through investments in technology.

Yeung’s summary of the practices at a number of companies that have applied these six steps appears. The table illustrates the range of activities involved in Obamacare for Texas process reengineering—among them streamlining, simplification, and redesign. HR professionals’ participation gin these efforts apply principles of process reengineering common to both business and HR work. The tools become foundation skills for HR professionals working toward HR process reengineering.

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