Midland small business group health insurance


Midland small business group health insurance

$1,000 on trailers not used with watercraft. Again, if you have an expensive trailer, you will have to insure it separately since the basic homeowner’s Midland small business group health insurance coverage provides only nominal benefits.

  • $1,000 on grave markers. This will not come up too often, but you need to know just in case.

$1,000 for losses due to theft of jewelry, watches, furs, precious and semiprecious stones. Again, the low Midland small business group health insurance coverage means you should probably purchase extra protection. A thousand bucks might not even pay the tax on some of these luxury items.

  • $2,000 for loss of firearms by theft. (It’s curious that the insurance industry will pay more for firearm losses than for theft of jewelry.)
  • $2,500 for loss by theft of silver ware, silver-plated ware, gold ware, gold-plated ware, and pewter ware. This includes flatware, hollowware, tea sets, t5rays, and trophies made of these metals.

$2,500 for property, on the residence premises, used for business purposes. Thus, if you work from your home and have expensive computers, desks, or other equipment, you should thing seriously of purchasing additional Midland small business group health insurance protection.

  • $250 on personal property, away from the residential premises, used for business purposes. The key to the lower limit is the business purpose.

Exclusions. Personal property protection generally has the following exclusions:

  • Articles separately described and specifically insured in the homeowner’s policy. The protection of the homeowner’s policy for personal property is intended to provide blanket coverage within its limits for unscheduled property. If you decide to specifically insure items of value by way of endorsement, that coverage will be determined by the language of the endorsement or other policy and will not be protected by Coverage C.
  • Animals, birds, or fish. You may think Rover us worth a million dollars, but your insurance company won’t pay one dime if Rover meets and untimely end.

Motor vehicles and all other motorized land conveyances. That’s why they invented auto insurance. There are two exceptions to this exclusion: if the motor vehicle is not subject to motor vehicle registration and is used to service and insured’s residence or designed for assisting the Midland small business group health insurance.

  • Aircraft and parts. That’s why they invented aircraft insurance.
  • Property of roomers, boarders, and other tenants except property of roomers related to the insured. That’s why they invented renter’s insurance (see chapter 22).
  • Property in an apartment regularly rented or held for rental to others by an insured. Ditto.
  • Property rented or held for rental to others off the residence premises. Ditto, again.
  • Books of account and drawings. This includes bookkeeping records on paper, electronic data, computer software, and so on containing business data.

Credit cards. If you lose your credit fraud, your basic Midland small business group health insurance homeowner’s policy will not protect you. However, you may be covered in another part of the policy; see “Additional Coverage’s” below



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