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A Long Term Care DeSoto customer calling in with an automobile claim, for example, is assigned to Person X on Team Y. Every time the customer calls in with questions or information, the call is transferred to Person X for handling, and the details are dutifully noted on a computer log. If at any time Person X is not available, the call is transferred to another member of Team Y who has worked with Person X and has access to the computer log describing the claim. The Long Term Care DeSoto customer, as a result, feels that she or he consistently receives personal attention. USAA and Nationwide have found that by using this team structure their customer satisfaction rating continues to equal industry norms.

Service centers similarly handle employee problems or concerns (for example, processing benefits, answering pension questions, and so on). Concerns about losing the personal touch with a move away from field employee relations personal to service centers can be forestalled by assigning each employee to a particular person on a particular service-center team. Having a primary contact allows the Long Term Care DeSoto employee to feel a sense of having the personal attention of an HR professional even without face-to-face contact.

Get consolidations over as quickly as possible

A key success factor in almost any organizational change is to move quickly once the idea has been articulated and announced. The time between announcement and implementation should always be brief, even if many details and processes have not been completely worked out.

Establishing shared services means consolidating Long Term Care DeSoto service center and center of expertise personnel. By sharing, fewer total employees are needed, which is a major force behind adoption of the concept. In most downsizing efforts, rapid, bold decisions enable employees to focus on the organization’s future, not its past. Likewise, in developing a shared service organization, it is better to create the service centers and centers of expertise speedily so that Long Term Care DeSoto employees will know as soon as possible what their status will be within the new organization.

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