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Insurance4Dallas may help find affordable Life Insurance if you are over 65 years of age and have pre-existing conditions.  We also help healthy individuals and their families find affordable life insurance such as Term, Universal Life and Whole Life.  Our plans start at $5000 and can insure for over $1,000,000.  If you are a business man, we offer key-man insurance for your business.  We represent several companies and can match the right insurance carrier’s benefits with your budget.  Here are some of the particulars of getting one of the following:



Term Insurance

  • - Remote Time Clock (App on Smart Phone)
  • - Itemized Time Tracking - per Task, Grant, Project  Number, etc.
  • - Online Pay Stubs
  • - Quarterly Tax Filings
  • - State Tax reporting
  • - Tax Season W2s

Employee Benefits

  • - Least expensive of the three insurances
  • - Temporary Insurance
  • - Limited Benefit for the Term of the Policy
  • - No Cash Value

Universal Life Insurance

  • - Has Cash Value
  • - May Borrow against Policy
  • - Permanent Insurance
  • - May be Invested in Equity Funds for Growth

Whole Life Insurance

  • - May be Permanent up to age 126
  • - Has Cash Value
  • - May Borrow against Cash Value
  • - May be Paid up After a Certain Age
Take the time to complete the information below, and we will prescreen your needs and help you find an affordable Life Insurance Plan.

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Life Insurance Expiring



Life Insurance Expiring

     Too many consumers select their insurance as if they don’t care whether they purchase a high- or low-quality product. There are also those who act as if they have Life Insurance Expiring, treating price as a matter of seemingly total indifference. In fact, some insurance shoppers put so little thought into purchasing coverage that they might just as well open the yellow pages to the insurance listings, close their eyes, and point.

     But that is definitely not true of Life Insurance Expiring. How do we know? Well, if it were, you wouldn’t be reading this Life Insurance Expiring book. No, you are a person who cares about buying a quality product. You want to be able to find a company known for good service. And you want any policy you purchase to be at a fair and competitive price.

     Happily, this chapter (and of course, the rest of the book). Can help your wish become you’re your command. So let’s gets right to it, with three steps to Life Insurance Expiring.

Step 1: Do Your Homework

Before you can be a smart shopper, you should prepare yourself for the task by learning as much as you can about what you are buying. In order to do so, you will need detailed information about the type of policy you are going to purchase, information on the different companies that sell this type of insurance, and, finally, you should get a handle on who you can buy the insurance from.

     This isn’t as complicated as it might sound! There is a veritable cornucopia of information at your disposal—if you know where to look.

Where to Look

But you shouldn’t stop here. There are 51 different individual markets for insurance in the United States (one for each state and the District of Columbia) and you will want to look for the individual nuances contained in policies where you live. Here are some sources of information you will want to turn to.

Your state insurance department. Most insurance departments provide quite a bit of consumer information about Life Insurance Expiring. As we shall see, they also can tell you a lot about the specific companies that sell product in your state. The addresses and phone numbers of all of the insurance boards and commissions can be found in Appendix C.

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