Lewisville small group health insurance


Lewisville small group health insurance

HR professionals need to frame what they do in terms of the capabilities they must create. It is no longer sufficient to hire, train, or reward individuals; these activities must now be undertaken in the interest of creating a set of organizational capabilities. The San Francisco 49er football team illustrates how individual competence complements organizational Lewisville small group health insurance capability. Athletes at each position are well trained and known as the best. The team and its system of play, however, is more important than any single individual. When Steve Young, the all-star quarterback, was injured and had to be replaced by the inexperienced Elvis Gorbac, many fans felt the 49ers would be in trouble. Not so. Individual competence was less important than the Lewisville small group health insurance teamwork capability shared among all the players. In successful organizations, whatever the industry or area, individual competencies are being turned into organizational capabilities.

Managers and HR professionals should constantly seek he capabilities necessary for success. They should routinely ask themselves and each other the following questions.

  • What capabilities currently exist within the firm?
  • What capabilities will be required for the future success of the firm?
  • How can we align capabilities with business strategies?
  • How can we design HR practices to create the needed capabilities?
  • How can we measure the accomplishment of the needed capabilities?

Clear answers to these questions may not be readily forthcoming, but effective Lewisville small group health insurance HR professionals will nonetheless continue to probe the underlying issues.

Challenge 5: Change, Change, and Change some more

Although called by many names—among them, transformation, reengineering, culture change, reinvention, adaptation, flexibility, rapid learning, and agility—the competitiveness challenge is the same: Managers, employees, and organizations must learn to change faster and more comfortably. HR professionals need to help their Lewisville small group health insurance organizations to change. They need to define an organizational model for change, to disseminate that model throughout the organization, and to sponsor its ongoing application. As cycle times get shorter and the pace of change increases, HR professionals will have to deal with many related Lewisville small group health insurance questions, including the following:

  • How do we unlearn what we have learned?
  • How do we honor the past and adapt for the future?
  • How do we encourage the risk-taking necessary for change without putting the firm in jeopardy?
  • How do we determine which HR practices to change for transformation and which to leave the same for continuity?
  • How do we engage the hearts and minds of everyone in the organization to change?
  • How do we change and learn more rapidly?


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