Lemhi Pass fortis health insurance temporary


Lemhi Pass fortis health insurance temporary

Incomplete Coverage for Preventive Care

One of the most important things you can do as a health care consumer is to engage in preventive care. Not only will you be able to spot serious diseases at an early stage, thereby increasing your chances of effective treatment and cure, but you should be able to save money as well, since it is usually far less expensive to treat a disease when it’s a molehill rather than a mountain.

Unfortunately, most traditional health insurance policies do not pay Lemhi Pass fortis health insurance temporary benefits for the most important medical procedures. Although policies differ (be sure to read yours), is a good summary of which types of insurance cover the various preventive care procedures.

As the costs of medical care, and thus insurance, have sky-rocketed in the recent years, there has been a revolution in health insurance. New forms of coverage have come onto the market that vary from the fee-for-service health insurance described above. These policies, designed to be cost-effective, are the subject of our next Lemhi Pass fortis health insurance temporary chapter.

HMOs and PPOs

In recent years, a financial crisis has descended on the field of medicine as the cost of medical care has skyrocketed, almost without regard for what is true, proper, and just. Doctors have been accused of ordering unnecessary tests and of keeping patients in hospitals for too long, while the Lemhi Pass fortis health insurance temporary charged by specialist consultants have soared. There seems to be no limit on how high the price of good health care can go.

This out-of-control inflation has triggered increases in health insurance premiums that could turn your hair white. The industry is well aware that they are pricing health insurance to the point where people can no longer afford it. Thus, they are working to keep the increase in premiums to a minimum (or so they claim). The rallying cry of the industry in this battle has become “cost containment,” as insurance plan after insurance plan seeks to adjust its way of doing business to keep accounts payable in line, and thus Lemhi Pass fortis health insurance temporary premium increases from going through the roof.

Out of this quest for cost containment have come two new major types of insurance plans whose purpose it is to control the cost of medical care, with the saving supposedly passed on to you by way of lower premiums. These two new players are the health maintenance organization (HMO) and the preferred provider organization (PPO).

Health Maintenance Organizations

In a sense, HMOs are a form of socialized medicine, capitalism style. In socialized medicine, taxed help pay for the cost of all citizens’ health care. Beyond the money you pay to the government (which can be considerable), there are a few health care Lemhi Pass fortis health insurance temporary costs you have to pay out of your own pocket. And, in theory, your basic medical needs are guaranteed to be taken care of—everything from the prescribing of antibiotics to heart bypass surgery.


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