Killeen small group health insurance

Killeen small group health insurance


Killeen small group health insurance

Major Medical

Major medical policies are designed to supplement your basic policy protection provided through hospitalization and S&M coverage’s and to pay just about everything you need while covering from a catastrophic condition. These include:

A High Total Benefit Package

One of the important provisions of these policies is a high maximum level of benefits, typically $1 million. You should not elect to be protected for less than $1 million unless you afford full Killeen small group health insurance coverage.

Extended Hospital Stays

Any basic hospitalization policy will limit the number of days you can receive benefits per hospital stay. Major medical will pay for hospitalization that goes beyond the basic plan Killeen small group health insurance maximums.

Extended Home Care

Often, catastrophic care involves extended periods of recuperation at home using private nurses and other health professionals to assist with Killeen small group health insurance care. Usually, the basic coverage’s do not pay for most of these services, or if they do it will only be for a brief period of time. A major medical plan will often cover these important health services for an extended periods of physical therapy, speech therapy, or respiratory therapy.

Durable Medical Equipment

Some illnesses or injuries require the continuing use of durable medical equipment such as respirators, special toilets, wheelchairs, and the like. Often the basic policies do not pay for these items, or do so only for a limited time. Major medical Killeen small group health insurance, on the other hand, pay for these life-saving or quality-of-life-enhancing tools over the long haul. (Durable medical equipment is especially vital for those who become handicapped by their medical catastrophe. Wheelchairs and catheters can make the difference between a wasted life and on the can still be pursued productively and enjoyably.)

Skilled Nursing Home Care

If a patient needs to be placed into a skilled nursing home, major medical will cover the tab. It will not, as a general rule, pay for unskilled nursing, also known as custodial care. (There are insurance policies on the market that do cover convalescent home Killeen small group health insurance care.

Prescription Costs

The basic plans generally don’t pay for prescription expenses, although some, especially large group plans, do. Major medical policies usually do cover most prescription expenses.

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