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Centers of expertise often focus on transformation-based services or on Killeen Health Plan activities that help implement strategy, create a new culture, or accomplish business goals. Transformation activities differ from transactions; thus they can be combined into centers of expertise, not into Killeen Health Plan centers. Centers of expertise combine individuals and teams who have deep knowledge and expertise in Killeen Health Plan areas such as the following:

  • Staffing: sourcing candidates, succession planning career planning, talent assessment, screening candidates, dual careers, and downsizing.
  • Development: executive development, action learning, personal development plans, competence modeling, performance management, developmental assignments, diversity, and organizational learning.
  • Compensation: pay for performance, job analysis, performance measurements, rewards and recognition programs, job evaluation, and gain sharing.
  • Organizational effectiveness: organizational change, process management, organizational diagnosis, culture change and reengineering.
  • Communication: media management, meeting management, public relations, and human resources information systems (HRIS).
  • Organization design: high-performing work teams and organization structure.
  • Employee relations: morale surveys, employee focus groups, psychological contract, work/family policies, and employee assistance.
  • Union relations: labor contracts and grievance procedures.
  • Security: physical security for employees, executives, and technology.

For each of these Killeen Health Plan activities, centers of expertise combine talent (formerly distributed throughout a corporation) into a sheared service; they then invite the firm’s business units to use these resources to solve their business problems. Employees who otherwise would have been permanently assigned to a business now work in a center of expertise.

PPG, a company working in the chemical field, for example, is organized into ten centers of expertise, each designed to serve an HR strategic business unit (SBU) manager, SBU managers are the initial point of contact for each business unit’s line managers. This Killeen Health Plan professional’s job is to identify current and future client needs and then to draw on resources from one of the ten centers of expertise to meet those needs. The ten centers established at PPG are listed below.

  • Alternative rewards
  • Productivity/employee satisfaction
  • Measurement
  • External factors
  • Leadership
  • Work processes/operating methods
  • Safety and environment
  • Work force skills
  • Organizational structure
  • Business strategy
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