Insurance Broker Missouri City TX



Insurance Broker Missouri City TX

   No, the only way the entire system can be stopped from imploding will be for national action to be taken to control the costs of Insurance Broker Missouri City TX and guarantee universal health insurance coverage, either through the private or public sectors or a combination of both.

   With so much money at stake, with the power of health insurance industry, and with the medical community resisting change, it will take vigorous and concerted grass-roots activism to bring about needed reforms. That means you—Uncle Sam wants you to demand Insurance Broker Missouri City TX and not take no for an answer!

Traditional Health Insurance


Insurance Broker Missouri City TX has traditionally come in two parts, with an optional third sometimes throw in for good measure. These are hospitalization, surgical/medical, and major medical (also known as catastrophic coverage). We will cover all three in this chapter.


Any Insurance Broker Missouri City TX is going to cost a great deal of money. The more care you need, the higher the bill. For example, some intensive care units cost up to $1,000 a day, and that doesn’t include the cost of the doctors. Regular care isn’t cheap either. In fact, you could live one day at the nicest hotels in the world (meals included) for just the cost of one day’s uneventful stay in an ordinary hospital. This being so, it is very important to have Insurance Broker Missouri City TX.

Types of policies

Hospitalization policies generally come in two varieties.

Indemnity plan. This kind of policy is the easiest to understand. Basically, if you are hospitalized for covered services, the insurance company must pay a flat fee directly to you. You, of course, must pay the hospital. Unfortunately, the difference between what you receive in payments and what the hospital wants to collect may be enough to put you right back in the hospital.

Fee for service. Most hospitalization policies pay for part or all of the following hospital services.

Room and board. Whether you are in intensive care or an ordinary semiprivate room, your room and board expenses will be paid by the insurance company. Frequently, there is a maximum number of days covered per stay, after which coverage ceases unless you are protected by catastrophic care insurance. Happily, this time period is usually quite long. Private rooms will be paid for only when there is a medical necessity for you to be placed in one.

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