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Insurance Broker Houston TX

Because agents only earn money when they make a sale, Insurance Broker Houston should always be on guard against agents who are seeking to feather their own nests rather than truly seeking to protect yours. That means you should bring a healthy dose of skepticism into your relationship with your agent and that you should act as a powerful and informed costumer.  We’ll give you some tips on wise insurance shopping in various places throughout the book.

 Insurance Broker Houston


The Upside


The beauty of MBO is its flexibility says Insurance Broker Houston.  Also, it focuses more on the job than on personality traits, as does job-specific evaluation.  The employee knows ahead of time what is to be accomplished during the review period.


The Downside


Extra time and effort must be taken to establish clear, measurable objectives says Insurance Broker Houston.  Few workers have complete control over their work environment.  Also, in order to obtain a good rating the employee may focus so much time on the objectives that normal day to day duties are neglected.  This can usually be resolved with a combination approach. 


Combination Forms


Since no one technique covers everything, some owners have created evaluation forms combining both the traditional and MBO approach with Insurance Broker Houston



Program Administration – The Frequency of Reviews


The frequency of reviews varies among organizations says Insurance Broker Houston.  One popular approach is to review newer employees after the first three or six months, after that annually.  Many firms schedule their reviews on the employee’s anniversary date, spreading the work over the course of the year.  Others choose to do all reviews at the end of each calendar or fiscal year.  A variety of approaches are taken by owners who schedule performance reviews with raises.  Some may review employees every six months until their salary reaches a certain level, at which point reviews are performed annually.  Note:  it is recommended that you still do performance reviews even though no raises follow.  Even without a raise, performance expectation should be met.


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