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The percentage of the loss the company must pay. The closer the Insurance Broker Dallas TX comes to having to pay for 100 percent of the loss under the policy, the higher the premium will be. As we will see throughout this book, this aspect of pricing allows consumers great leeway in reducing their premiums by increasing the size of their individual responsibility to pay for a loss. If your health policy, for example, pays 100 percent of their health care costs, their premium will be higher than if you paid the first $500 (known as a deductible).


Insurance Broker Dallas TX


The following are sample telephone interview questions:

“Briefly go over your last three jobs, telling me one main accomplishment for each job and why you left that job.”  This question is asked to see if the candidate has the following abilities:


Can understand multiple questions from Insurance Broker Dallas TX.

Can ask for clarification if the question is not understood

Is able to logically go from discussing one job to the next

Is able to briefly explain bridges between jobs

Can describe what he or she considers an accomplishment


“Briefly explain why this position (being applied for) is desirable.”  This question is asked to see if the candidate can do the following:


Articulate why they applied for the job

Understand what the advertised job is


The Employment Application


What a pain it is to complete employment application.  Why can’t employers just use my resume? applicants wonder.  They then grit their teeth and methodically answer the questions, filling in blanks that are too small to write in.  Despite the hassle, the application form does play an important role in the employment process for the following reasons:


It’s the first document an applicant completes on your terms, in your mat for Insurance Broker Dallas TX.

It captures essential data needed to make more complete candidate evaluations.

It communicates important legal information designed to protect your company.

It’s a key information source when putting new hires on the payroll.

It’s a form of test to see who can write clearly and follow instructions.


Good news!  This nuisance form has been replaced by some in our society by interactive computer programs that have captured applicant data on-line.  Others will need a good application form for their business.


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