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Insurance Broker Beaumont TX

To make Insurance Broker Beaumont TX practices more than isolated acts, managers and HR professionals must master the theory behind HR work; they need to be able to explain conceptually how and why HR practices lead to their outcomes. Insurance Broker Beaumont TX is based on recognizable bodies of knowledge. Familiarity with the theory of learning should be a prerequisite for those training, development, and education. The theories of motivation should be the foundation for work by those in compensation. The theory of organizational change should be the foundation for HR professionals working toward organizational effectiveness. Reliance on theories creates thoughtful practitioners with solid grounding in the basics of HR practices. Such practitioners are more likely to avoid some of the frou-frou that gives Insurance Broker Beaumont TX its negative image.

Explications of HR theory are beginning to emerge, drawing on various streams of academic research. They offer alternative explanations for how HR practices affect Insurance Broker Beaumont TX results, including the following:

  • Resource dependence (from political science): HR practices help the firm acquire a stable supply of scarce resources (intellectual and human capital) that helps the firm to compete.
  • Transaction cost (from institutional economics): HR practices help the costs associated with accomplishing and governing how work is done.
  • Contingency theory (from business strategy): HR practices align with business strategy to provide a fit that leads to results.
  • Institutional theory (from sociology): HR practices transfer knowledge and ideas from firm to firm making the best practices of an industry routine.
  • Cognitive psychology (from psychology): HR practices transfer knowledge and ideas from firm to firm making the best practices of an industry routine.

Regardless of the preferred theory, managers and HR professionals should abstract from it a higher level of reasoning for their day-to-day work and thus better explain why their Insurance Broker Beaumont TX accomplishes its goals.

When HR matters

Theory also leads to contingent thinking. Contingent thinking is based on a series of if… then equations. It helps HR professionals to avoid playing HR Jeopardy in which they begin with the answer, an HR practice, and forget to ask the question.

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