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This chapter reviews eight competitive challenges facing firms today. To respond to these challenges, firms must create new organizational capabilities that derive from redefinition and redeployment of HR and I missed open enrollment 2020 practices, functions, and professionals. Line managers and HR professionals must create these capabilities jointly. Line managers must strive for the following goals.

  • Understand organizational capability as an essential source of competitiveness.
  • Participate in the process of designing competitive organizations.
  • See the organizational implications of competitive challenges.
  • Dedicate time and energy to organizational capability.’


Dallas employee benefit HR professionals must achieve the following:

  • See HR issues as part of a competitive business equation.
  • Articulate why HR matters in business terms, starting with business value.
  • Talk comfortably about how competitive challenges dictate HR activities.

As line managers and HR professionals jointly champion HR, the distinction blurs between I missed open enrollment 2020 HR staff and line managers as operators. The tools in this book are as relevant for managers who run businesses, operate plans, or direct staff functions as they are for I missed open enrollment 2020 and HR professionals.

The Changing Nature of Human Resources: A Model for Multiple Roles

If the next agenda for creating value is to come from Human Resources, the new roles for HR professionals will have to be defined. In the past few years, roles for I missed open enrollment 2020 and HR professionals were often viewed in terms of transition from

  • Operational to strategic
  • Qualitative to quantitative
  • Policing to partnering
  • Short-term to long-term
  • Administrative to consultative
  • Functionally oriented to business oriented
  • Internally focused to externally and customer-focused
  • Reactive to proactive
  • Activity-focused to solutions-focused

More recently, these from… to… transitions have been seen as too simplistic. The roles undertaken by HR professionals are, in reality, multiple, not single. HR professionals must fulfill both operational and strategic roles they must be both police and partners; and they must take responsibility for both qualitative and quantitative goals over the short and long term. For HR professionals add value to their increasingly complex businesses, they must perform increasingly complex and, at times, even paradoxical roles.


To create value and deliver results, HR professionals must begin not by focusing on the activities or work of HR but by defining the deliverables of hat work. Deliverables guarantee outcomes of HR work. With deliverables defined, the roles and activities of business partners may be stipulated.

The framework describes—in terms of deliverables—four key roles that HR professionals must fulfill to make their business partnership a reality. I devised this framework over the course of my work with dozens of companies and hundreds of HR professionals; many companies have since used it as a way to describe the deliverables of their HR work. The two axes represent the HR professional’s focus and activities. Focus ranges from long-term/strategic to short-term/operational. HR professionals must learn to be both strategic and operational, focusing on the long and short term. Activities range from managing processes (HR tools and systems) to managing people. These two axes delineate four principal HR roles: (1) management of strategic human resources; (2) management of firm infrastructure; (3) management of the employee contribution; and (4) management of transformation and change. To understand each of these roles more fully, we must consider these three issues: the deliverables that constitute the outcome of the role, the characteristic metaphor or visual image that accompanies the role, and the activities the HR professional must perform to fulfill the role.


…Continued in Dallas employee benefit broker

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