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Another type of cooperative is the reciprocal insurance exchange with Houston Health Care. Reciprocal exchanges are nonprofit organizations formed and controlled by a large number of people who, in essence, form a group and insure themselves against losses. Participants are both the insured and the insurers. A professional management team is hired to administer the exchange and coordinate collection of premiums and payment of claims. A surplus is usually saved for a rainy day. Some reciprocals pay a withdrawing member’s proportionate share of the surplus; others do not.


Houston Health Care

Segregate Smokers from Nonsmokers


Continue to allow smoking but segregate the smokers from the nonsmokers in the work unit says Houston Health Care.  This may help, but the smoke still circulates through the air ducts to the nonsmokers, although it is less visible.


Smoking Room


Provide a separate smoke break room for smokers.  The only truly effective ones have separate ventilation systems that exhaust the smoke outside the building.  This could be expensive or prohibited by the landlord for Houston Health Care.


Stop Smoking Programs


Arrange for a number of stop smoking programs for those who wish to quit entirely.  Many smokers really want to quit and will see this ban as an opportunity to do so says Houston Health Care.  The American Lung Association is one source of information and help.  Stop smoking sessions can be held at your workplace during or after hours; off-site group sessions are available at low cost.  More expensive alternatives such as the nicotine patch or hypnosis are available.  Whatever programs you offer, it is recommended that you require that the employee share in their cost; it increases commitment.


Complete Smoking Ban


The complete ban may prove to the only practical solution for Houston Health Care.  Unless you own your facilities you may not have a choice, as some landlords have begun to ban smoking completely, not just in the lobbies, rest rooms, and elevators.  If you opt for a complete ban the following should be done to ensure a smoother transition:

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