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The HR concept subsumes various roles, and this will continue in the future of the profession. Some HR professionals act as generalists, establishing bonds with clients and creating value by helping to turn strategy into action. Other healthcare plan plano professionals are specialists, mastering HR theory and keeping up with or developing HR innovations. As these individuals become professional within their domains, they are better able to work together to ensure that healthcare plan plano departments deliver value.

Implications for Line Managers as HR Champions

Line managers also must be HR champions. When I taught an MBA course “HR as a Competitive Advantage,” I asked the following question on the final exam.

Who is primarily responsible for HR practices within a firm?

  1. Line managers.
  2. HR professionals.
  3. A partnership between line and HR.
  4. Consultants.
  5. No one, they just emerge.

Most students answered c—and I marked them wrong. I hold that the answer is a; line managers are primarily responsible for the healthcare plan plano practices within a firm. Line managers have ultimate responsibility for both the outcomes and the processes within a firm. They are accountable to shareholders for delivering economic value, to customers for product or service value, and to employees for work place value. To deliver these outcomes. Line managers must become HR champions.

As HR champions, line managers need to understand organizational capability as a critical source of competitiveness. They must ensure that every business plan has an organizational action plan for implementation. They ensure that strategic promises to healthcare plan plano customers, employees, and investors are kept. They must create staff shared-services organizations with multiple delivery mechanism for staff work. They articulate a new employee contract for all employees that incorporates both stretch goals and the resources to reach those goals. They align the internal culture to achieve the desired market identity by understanding the processes that create shared mindset. Finally, line managers must require that the healthcare plan plano department set high goals (mission, values, strategies), and they should review, monitor, and hold the HR department accountable for reaching those goals.








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