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This task force comes together when required to prepare Health Insurance Killeen TX to accomplish its merger goals, on completion of a particular merger, members of the integrated solution team return to their functional centers of expertise. This resident, cross-functional capability adds enormous value to the firm. It enables the firm to transfer learning quickly from one incident (in this example, a merger) to another, and it simplifies the coordination of multiple Health Insurance Killeen TX staff activities.

Case study of the value-creation framework and delivery options: Amoco shared services

One of the most complex efforts at shaping a value-creation framework for delivery of Health Insurance Killeen TX and other staff services comes from Amoco Shared Services. Amoco Corporation, like other integrated oil and gas firms operates in primarily three major businesses: Upstream businesses deal with the marketing, refining, and distribution of oil and gas products; chemical businesses deal with creating and marketing products often use some by-product of the oil and gas resources. Traditionally, each of these three major business has its own dedicated Health Insurance Killeen TX staff.

In late 1994, the Amoco Strategic Planning Committee decided to create the Amoco Shared Services Corporation as a fourth business within Amoco. This Shared Services Corporation would pull scattered staff resources into fourteen staff groups, each of which would redefine its delivery mechanism by assessing and allocating its work. The Health Insurance Killeen TX shared services operation, for example, analyzed HR work and allocated it to the following sectors.

  • Corporate: policy-level HR work, effective across the organization and focused on long-term strategic issues or on the firm’s senior executives.
  • Broker: HR work that could be outsourced to a third party because, Amoco concluded, the work did not give the company a competitive advantage and the industry average on delivery was sufficient.
  • Service center: routine, standardized, and administrative HR work that was similar across the three other businesses.
  • Center of Expertise: HR work that required technical depth and expertise and could be contracted to the businesses by HR teams.
  • Business unit: HR work that aligned with the strategy of the particular business and that could be tailored specifically to the business’s requirements.
  • Integrated Solutions: HR work that could be woven together with work from other staff groups and then delivered to businesses.
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