Health Insurance Abilene TX

Health Insurance Abilene TX

HR professionals play a critical role as Health Insurance Abilene TX agents when they perform the following functions.

  • Lead transformation by doing it first within the HR function.
  • Serve as a catalyst for change, a facilitator of change, and a designer of systems for change.
  • Use the pilot’s checklist for change with line managers.

By understanding the theory and applying the tools of change, Health Insurance Abilene TX professionals and line managers can begin to see change as a friend, not a foe; as an opportunity, not a hazard; as a competitive advantage, not an obstacle; and as a source of value, not a hurdle.

HR for HR

The four roles or deliverables for HR described—management of strategic HR, Health Insurance Abilene TX infrastructure, employee contribution, and transformation and change—require new ways of thinking and doing HR. Too often, human resource professionals are the cobbler’s unshod children: they design systems, give advice, and help others, but they fail to apply HR principles to themselves. If HR professionals are to become partners and play the four roles described, they must champion HR principles within their department. This means building Health Insurance Abilene TX and creating and HR organization to deliver that strategy, in other words, what Wayne Brockbank has called “doing HR for HR.” In doing HR for HR, three separate but related aspects of the job need to be understood: strategic HR, HR strategy, and HR

Strategic human resources refers to the process of linking HR practices to business strategy. Strategic HR is owned, directed, and used by line managers to make HR strategies happen. Line managers invest in the HR function through strategic HR. Health Insurance Abilene TX creates a process for moving from business strategy to organizational capability to HR practice. HR planning often describes the processes whereby business strategies result in HR actions. Strategic HR serves stakeholders of the business (investors, customers, and employees) who want the business to deliver results.

HR strategy refers to building an agenda for the HR function. HR strategy creates a purpose and focus for the HR function. HR strategy serves HR professionals who want to add value to their business, and it defines the mission, vision, and priorities of the HR function.

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