Group Health Insurance in Texas

Underwriting Criteria
Age. The older you are, the more likely you are to get sick; ergo, the higher your health insurance premiums.
Group Health Insurance in Texas does not have a limit to the number of people covered.  Many people buy family coverage rather than individual policies.  This means that there will be adults as well as minor children protected by the same plan.  Some companies will charge based on the size of the family.  Others charge a basic family rate without regard to the number of members.
Gender.  Unlike life insurance, where women get the better end of the bargain than men, in health insurance women often pay higher premiums.  This is based on the health insurance industry statistics which indicate that the female of the species tends to need medical care more often than the male.


Group Health Insurance in Texas

What is the payoff for a well-planned hiring effort?  It makes life easier when you hire good people early on says Group Health Insurance in Texas.  You’ll avoid the myriad of problems associated with mediocre folks, such as low productivity, poor attendance, lousy customer service, theft, and high turnover and injury rates.  Poor workers sour your office.  They infect the good ones, bringing everyone down, including yourself.  And they drain off profits.


Good employees adjust faster to change and work better under less-than-ideal conditions.  Self-motivated, they require far less supervision, freeing you up for other matters says Group Health Insurance in Texas.  With better people, you don’t have to be a star owner with tremendous leadership abilities.  Show them respect and they’ll work around your own shortcomings and cut you some slack when you stumble.


Building good staff is like making homemade soup.  The people you hire are the ingredients you mix in.  High-quality ingredients guarantee a first-rate meal.  The employment process outlined in this chapter is a recipe you can follow.  It’s not magical with Group Health Insurance in Texas.  It takes patience and effort to make it work.  The sweat equity invested will reap high dividends.


Staff Planning


Before hiring additional staff, have you spent some time thinking things through?  Do you really need to bring someone else aboard right now for Group Health Insurance in Texas?  If you’re a thoroughly “hands on” entrepreneur and close to the action, the need may be so obvious it doesn’t warrant much thought.  Nonetheless, answering the following questions may stimulate some creative ideas on your part:

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