Galveston company group health insurance small


Galveston company group health insurance small

Sufficient physician and hospital reimbursement to assure broad access to health care for the poor. The way the AMA figures it, payments to doctors and hospitals must be high enough to make sure that providing care to the poor will be worth the while of the health care providers.

The AMA also recommends that risk pools be established in each state that will provide health insurance coverage for the uninsurable and for medically standard risks who cannot afford rates for Galveston company group health insurance small individual coverage. The coverage would be sufficient to ensure care and the premiums priced at a slightly higher level than a comparable group policy. For those who are close to the poverty level, the AMA proposes publicly funded vouchers to help pay for the pool coverage.

The Kennedy Proposal

Senator Edward M. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) has proposed a new law entitled “The Basic Health Benefits for All Americans Act.” According to Senator Kennedy, not only are 37 million Americans uninsured, but 60 million more have insurance that is inadequate to pay the expenses of serious illness. Annually, 2.5 million people are crushed by the costs of catastrophic illness, and over 15 million Americans each year are turned away from Galveston company group health insurance small health coverage or do not seek it because of the cost.

The purpose of the Kennedy plan is to erase this disgraceful situation. The proposal consists, in part, of a law requiring employers to provide basic health coverage in the same way they must pay a minimum Galveston company group health insurance small wage. This provision is similar to the AMA proposal, with the following specifics:

  • A full-time worker would be defined as a worker who normally works more than 17 ½ hours per week. This would eliminate any loophole whereby employers would hire mostly part-time workers, since few employers would hire workers for less than 17 1/1 hours per week.
  • The health package paid for by the employer would have to include the following:

Medically necessary hospital care, physician care, diagnostic test, prenatal care, well baby care, and a limited mental health care Galveston company group health insurance small benefit.

Catastrophic coverage that limits out-of-pocket costs per family to $3,000.

  • There could be no exclusions for the preexisting conditions. (Hip, hip, hooray!)
  • Deductibles could not exceed $250 per individual and $500 per family. There would be an exception for well-baby care and prenatal care, which would have no deductibles.
  • Copayments could not exceed 20 percent.

Employers would be required to pay 80 percent of the premi9um. For the low-wage workers (those working at or near the minimum wage), the employer would be required to pay the entire Galveston company group health insurance small premium.


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