Freeport company group health insurance small


Freeport company group health insurance small

Substance abuse. Many policies exclude cover for illnesses or injuries that arise out of the abuse of narcotics or other controlled substances not prescribed by a physician.

Attempted suicide.  If things are so bad that you are contemplating ending it all, be aware that any treatment you receive because of the effort will probably be on your own Freeport company group health insurance small.

Mental illness. Some policies exclude benefits for mental or emotional illness that does not have an organic (bodily) cause. Others provide specifically defined and limited benefits for such things as sure you understand your rights under your policy if you feel the need to consult a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental-health professional.

Workers-compensation claims. If the injury or Freeport company group health insurance small is subject to workers compensation medical benefits, the private or group policy will generally exclude itself from paying the medical bills.

Cosmetic surgery. If you don’t like your looks and you seek plastic surgery to fix what you find offensive about your body, don’t expect your health insurance to pay the bill. However, if the cosmetic surgery is required due to injury (or birth defect in a child born under the protection of the health policy), the Freeport company group health insurance small will be covered.

Pregnancy. Many insurance policies do not cover normal pregnancy. Often they will also not pay for elective cesarean section. Some even exclude miscarriages from coverage, and very few will pay for an abortion. Thus, if you are pregnant or planning to be, be sure to check your policy to see what prenatal and obstetric delivery services are covered by your Freeport company group health insurance small


Eyeglasses and dental work. These services are not covered. However, dental insurance can usually be purchased as an add-on to the policy.

Treatment paid for by the government. If a government benefit will pay the bill, your health insurance company will try not to.

Prescription drugs. Unfortunately, many policies don’t pay for the cost of medication. And with the cost of drugs these days, that lapse can prove expensive and potentially dangerous to your health if you can’t afford to pay for necessary Freeport company group health insurance small.

Preventive care. Many traditional health insurance policies will not pay for things such as routine physicals or medical tests where no symptoms are present. Apparently these companies have never heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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