HR Outsourcing

Insurance4Dallas partners with Human Resource (HR) and Professional Employee Organization (PEO) companies in Texas to bring you the best possible outcome for your HR needs. We are HR representatives along with being medical benefit specialist. Our HR division works with organizations that have more than 5 employees, are growing and need to outsource Human Resource services to allow them time to concentrate on their core competences. Many of the HR services offered are “Ala Carte’“. The HR/PEO companies we partner with have the following services:

Payroll Management

  • – Remote Time Clock (App on Smart Phone)
  • – Itemized Time Tracking – per Task, Grant, Project Number, etc.
  • – Online Pay Stubs
  • – Quarterly Tax Filings
  • – State Tax reporting
  • – Tax Season W2s

Employee Benefits

  • – Medical Insurance
  • – Life Insurance
  • – Dental Coverage
  • – Vision Coverage
  • – GAP Insurance
  • – Cafeteria Plans
  • – 401K Retirement Plans
  • – Affordable Care Act Compliance

Risk Management

  • – Workers Compensation Insurance
  • – Employee Drug Testing
  • – E – Learning and Training

Dedicated Recruiting

  • – Job Posting
  • – Position Screening
  • – Direct Hire
  • – Professional Recruiting

Take the time to complete the information below, and we will prescreen your needs and introduce you to the appropriate HR Company.

HR Questionaire

HR Questionaire

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