Flower Mound temporary health insurance quote



Flower Mound temporary health insurance quote

Liability Exclusions

We all may need the benefits of good liability insurance protection. However, before you believe that your homeowner’s policy protects you against the world, you’d better have a look at the exclusions. For as we all know, what the policy gives with one Flower Mound temporary health insurance quote, it can specifically limit with the other.

The following are the exclusions that are not covered by the liability potion (Section II) of your homeowner’s policy.

Intentional acts of the insured. If you intend to cause someone harm, don’t expect your insurance company to pay for your Flower Mound temporary health insurance quote.

Bodily injury to the insured. If you are injured on your own property or due to your own negligence, your homeowner’s insurance policy is not the place to turn for payment of the damages.

Damage arising out of business activities. If the damage that gives cause for liability arises out of business pursuits of an insured, the protection of the homeowner’s policy down not apply. In such a case, you would need a business liability policy for Flower Mound temporary health insurance quote.

Damage causes by the rendering or failure to rend professional services. Thus, if you are an engineer and your work is defective, your homeowner’s policy will not pay anyone for the damages your faulty work causes. In such cases, you would need a professional errors and omissions policy.

Noninsured locations. If injuries are caused on property owned by but not listen in your policy, you’re on your own.

Damages caused by motor vehicles. That’s what you buy Flower Mound temporary health insurance quote for.

Damages caused by watercraft. If you own certain watercraft as described in the policy, damages resulting from the usage of the craft will not be paid by your homeowner’s policy. In such cases, seek shelter in a good watercraft insurance policy.

Damages caused by the operation of aircraft. However, this does not apply to injuries cause by model hobby planes, which would be paid by the homeowner’s policy.

War. If damage is caused by directly or indirectly by war, whether declared or not, it is excluded. Some more good news: If a nuclear device is detonated, it will be deemed an act of war even if the explosion was an accident. (Who thinks of these things?)

Communicable diseases. If you give someone a disease and get sued for it, your homeowner’s policy probably does not protect you. This can be a very important exclusion in these days of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Injuries covered by workers compensation. If a worker at your home is injured and the injury is one covered under workers compensation insurance, the homeowner’s Flower Mound temporary health insurance quote is off the hook.

Now that we have covered the most important parts of the typical homeowner’s policy, let’s see how other types of residential policies differ.



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