El Paso small group business health insurance



El Paso small group business health insurance

Use of the surgical suite. If you are in the hospital for a surgery, your hospitalization policy will pay for the cost you will be charged by the use of the El Paso small group business health insurance. 

Hospitalization for treatment of substance abuse. If you listen to the advertisements for treatment programs on daytime television, you know that the country has a terrible drug and alcohol problem. Listen further to these ads, and you will know that many hospitalization policies will pay benefits for inpatient (hospitalization) treatment of such afflictions. Usually, such treatment is restricted to one hospitalization in a year’s time and a maximum of 45 days, although the terms in your El Paso small group business health insurance may vary.

Hospital outpatient services. More and more, insurance companies are insisting that surgery be done on an outpatient basis. As an outpatient, you check in before breakfast, have surgery before lunch, and return home before dinner. Such brief non-overnight stays will usually be paid for by the hospitalization portion of your health insurance. Likewise, emergency outpatient care is also usually covered under your hospitalization El Paso small group business health insurance coverage.

Doctor bills. Some fees charged by doctors may be paid under the hospitalization portion of your health policy, especially for services, such as surgery, rendered in the hospital.

Policy Restrictions

Almost as important as knowing what is covered under your plan is knowing the policy limitations. The following are some of the things to look out for in a hospitalization plan that can leap out of the tall weeds and bite you on the ankle if you don’t know they are there.

Waiting periods before coverage begins. If your hospitalization El Paso small group business health insurance plan requires waiting period before coverage begins, you could end up in big financial trouble. Most hospital stays are relatively short and they have become even shorter in recent years thanks to insurance company pressure to keep cost down. Thus if days you will have to pay the remaining three days’ worth of care yourself, which in all likelihood will be in the thousands of dollars.

Short periods of coverage. At the other end of the hospitalization spectrum are policies that cover only brief periods of hospitalization. These can be even more dangerous+ to your economic health since the amount of time they would not cover can be very long if you are seriously injured or ill. Moreover, if your policy restricts the length of your stay unreasonably, you could find yourself forced into a public El Paso small group business health insurance facility that you would not choose for yourself.

Maximum payments that are too low. Some policies are deceptive in their appearance. On one hand they will set a seemingly high maximum number of days permitted to be paid under the policy. Then, on the other, they limit their maximums financial exposure to $10,000 or $25,000. Such financial maximums make a mockery of the “days in hospital maximums,” and unless supplemented by a catastrophic care policy, they are much too small to protect you against serious illness or injury.


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