El Paso fortis health insurance temporary



El Paso fortis health insurance temporary

The health maintenance organization (HMO) is relatively new player in the health insurance game, although it has been around in a limited fashion since the 1930s. The idea behind an HMO is to pay one premium and receive all of your health care at no or a nominal additional cost. The point is to save money compared to traditional health plans that cost more to purchase and require more out-of-pocket payments from the insured. What you, the insured, give in exchange for reduced costs is an El Paso fortis health insurance temporary to choose who will take care of your health needs HMOs will be considered in Chapter 16.

Preferred Provider Organizations

Preferred provider organizations (PPOs) seek to give both the benefits of traditional health plans and the money savings of El Paso fortis health insurance temporary. They do this by paying higher benefits as a reward for your using the doctors or hospitals they preselect for that purpose. PPOs will also be discussed in Chapter 16.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance does not pay for health care; rather it pays for lost wages caused by a disabling injury or illness.

How Health Insurance Is Priced

Ask anyone how health insurance is priced and you will get a simple answer: expensively! Beyond that, there are underwriting El Paso fortis health insurance temporary used by health insurance providers, whether they are for-profit or, like Blue Shield/Blue Cross, nonprofit.

Underwriting Criteria

Age. The older you are, the more likely you are to get sick; ergo, the higher your health insurance El Paso fortis health insurance temporary premiums.

Number of people covered. Many people buy family coverage rather than individual policies. This means that there will be adults as well as minor children protected by the same plan. Some companies will charge based on the size of the family. Others charge a basic family rate without regard to the number of members.

Gender. Unlike life insurance, where women get the better end of the bargain than men, in health insurance women often pay higher El Paso fortis health insurance temporary premiums. This is based on health insurance industry statistics which indicate that the female of the species tends to need medical care more often than the male.


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