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Denton small group business health insurance


Many good texts discuss the general principles behind reengineering work. The approaches used to reengineer work processes that enhance employee contribution by reducing demands include streamlining, automating, and simplifying. Simplifying complex processes reduces Denton small group business health insurance demands on employees. The following two examples illustrate this effect in action.

Dale Carnegie, in designing management training programs, found that the process time for a new program, from concept to delivery, was about six months. Through serious reengineering efforts, during which employees examined the decision points for new programs, the steps to creating materials, the necessary and unnecessary activities, and so on, Carnegie was able to reduce the cycle time for a New Denton small group business health insurance program to twenty days.

Camco, the General Electric Appliance business unit in Canada, reengineered its distribution system so that customer orders could immediately be turned into products. Instead of building to inventory, they build to order, significantly reducing inventory costs, eliminating much unnecessary work, and shifting employee focus from non- to high-value-added Denton small group business health insurance work.

HR professionals can help reduce demands on employees by understanding and applying reengineering principles to work and business processes. Even with thoughtful efforts to set priorities, focus themes, and reengineer processes, demands on employees will continue, and, in many cases, will increase. Regardless of how many demands are removed or reduced, Denton small group business health insurance realities continue.

Increase Resources

Not all demands can be reduced, particularly if business demands accompany the desire to compete in tough markets. In many cases, walking away from the competitive market would equal failure. Globally competitive firm’s inevitability experience high demands. The resources available to HR professionals responding to such demands include values, practices, and actions, among them the strategies described below.


In a classic management-science experiment, employees on an assembly line were given control over the line’s speed. Initially afraid that employees would take advantage of the situation and slow down production, management found to its surprise that employees actually worked faster when they controlled their own Denton small group business health insurance work.


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