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What type of data will be collected?

Organizational audit Denton cheap health insurance temporary data may be both perceptual and evidential. Perceptual data comprise the thoughts and feelings of those who interact with the organization. Both because perceptions often reflect reality and because people act on their perceptions, these data are valid and important. Evidential data come from ratios and other indicators of the status of organizational factors (for example, percent of budget spent on training, ratio of revenue per employee, ratio of salary grade of senior- to lower-level employees, ratio of supervisors to employees, and so on).

Financial Denton cheap health insurance temporary audits often collect specific information about practices, but then overall indices to determine the financial health of a company. As organizational audits become more commonplace, and organizational capability index will probably emerge that will indicate the organization’s overall ability to accomplish its business goals.

How will the data be turned into action?

Organizational analysis often overdoes data collection and undergoes analysis and action. Reams of data are collected, Denton cheap health insurance temporary reports are generated, statistics are presented; but, because the data remains unfocused, little action follows. Data should be turned into action as the diagnosis process unfolds, that is, as common themes are identified, as managers with decision-making responsibility take ownership of the Denton cheap health insurance temporary data, and as alternative actions are proposed.

Step 3: Provide Leadership in Improvement Practices

An organizational diagnosis must go beyond assessment to improvement. Improvement occurs when HR professionals generate alternative actions and practices for each of the six organizational factors, adding value by framing choices and identifying best practices through research at other firms. Several excellent texts summarize emerging and best HR practices. Table 3-5 briefly highlights the key words, phrases, and concepts often used to describe HR practices for each of the six factors.

HR professionals should take the lead in proposing, creating, and debating best practices in culture change, competence (staffing and development), consequence (appraisal and rewards), governance (organization design, policies, and communications), work processes (learning and change), and leadership. Generating possible alternative HR practices in each of these areas becomes the responsibility of the HR professional, bringing to bear technical expertise and state-of-the-art Denton cheap health insurance temporary knowledge.

As HR professionals work through Step 3, providing leadership in improving practices, they generate a range of HR practices to be instituted. One firm working through this step derived a list of fifteen HR initiatives for the following year. Their plans to establish all fifteen went awry, however, when they found that this large number of initiatives dissipated their efforts.

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