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The surgical/medical (S&M) policy is meant to complete your basic health protection package. Dallas Medical Insurance policies typically S&M policies pay for physician services; the nonhospital costs of surgery, including the anesthesiologist; the cost of diagnostic testing; and home healthcare, if provided; medically necessary ambulance services; skilled nursing, if provided; medically necessary ambulance services; the use of wheelchairs, etc.; and services such as physical therapy. The plans usually work something like this.


Dallas Medical Insurance policies


Agents are licensed by the state in which they do business. As such, they can be considered professionals. Dallas Medical Insurance policies usually requires a minimum of education and the pass of an examination.  Licensing should not be confused with membership in a national society, such as being a CLU (Charred Life Underwriter). (See box on page 19.)

Agents generally come in two types: the independent agent and the exclusive agent. An independent agent is an entrepreneur who represents many different insurance companies at the same time. He or she is paid through commissions based on a percentage of the price you pay in premiums. The exclusive agent on the other hand, sells insurance for one company only. Exclusive agents also work on commission.

Which type of agent is better for you when purchasing Dallas Medical Insurance policies? That will depend on the circumstances of each individual transaction. Exclusive agents can often beat the price of independents because of lower selling costs and other factors, such as different underwriting practices (see page 53). Exclusive agents may also have superior product knowledge since they sell only one line of goods. On the downside, the exclusive agent may be more susceptible to the demand of the company for greater productivity (more sales). As in the army, bad news flows downhill, and the result may be high pressure salesmanship aimed in your direction—with the emphasis not on meeting you insurance needs but on meeting agent’s sales quota.

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