College Station small group health insurance



College Station small group health insurance

However, a bigger potential problem that over insuring is underinsuring. In order for protection to be complete, the coverage you take out must be at least equal to 80 percent of the actual replacement cost to rebuild your home. Many consumers forget to review and update their coverage as the cost of building increases. Thus they may be left underinsured.

The consequences of underinsuring can be profound. For one thing, if you suffer a total loss and you are underinsured, your policy will not fully pay you for your College Station small group health insurance . This might force you to dig into your own pockets or go into debt in order to fully rebuild. Or worse, you might have to sell the property at a loss.

Beyond that, there is the issue of partial losses. Let’s say you decide to toast marshmallows in the fireplace one cold winter’s eve and end up setting fire to the living room. If you are not fully insured, your company is only obligated to pay an amount equivalent to the percentage of the total value you were insured for. For example, assume the great marshmallow fire caused damage in the amount of $5,000. If the company determined that your policy insured you for only 75 percent of the full replacement value of the home itself, the company would only have to pay for 75 percent of the $5,000 in damage. In other words, you would have to pay $1,250 out of your own pocket to rebuild your College Station small group health insurance.

Consumer Alert:

The best way to avoid this potential problem is to purchase a guaranteed-replacement-cost policy. Under this type of policy, the company guarantees to pay whatever it takes to fully replace your home, even if the face amount on the policy is inadequate to the task at hand. If you choose to purchase this option, the company may raise the face amount of the College Station small group health insurance policy to reflect changing costs of construction.

Other structures. Other structures are those on the same parcel of land but not directly attached to the residential premises itself. For example, if you grow orchids and erect a greenhouse in your yard, this would be defined as a nonattached covered structure.

Coverage for the Dwelling and Other Structures

The following are some of the important terms and conditions you should be aware of in regard to College Station small group health insurance Coverage’s A and B.

How losses are paid. As we have discussed, covered property losses to the dwelling and other structures are paid so as to replace the structures themselves. However, in all but the smaller cases, you must actually repair or replace the property. Otherwise, only the actual cash value will be paid to you, which is often a lesser figure than the amount of College Station small group health insurance it would take to replace damaged dwellings or other structures. Remember, however, that if you are underinsured, you could be paid substantially less than the actual replacement value.

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