Are you thinking about buying life insurance?

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Insurance, Life Insurance

When to buy?

When determining when to purchase a life insurance policy, here are some things to consider. The older you are, the more expensive the policy. Therefore, a person purchasing life insurance in their twenties will pay less than a person in their forties with all health issues the same. The idea here is to mitigate risk, often to borrowed money, to a healthy young family by giving them small affordable premiums while insuring large amounts of capital. Usually, a young family getting started is in debt for such things as cars, furniture and mortgage payments, along with school loans and baby expenses. If one of the bread winners dies, the house hold has just lost an income. This makes it almost impossible to keep the same standard of living in the household. By purchasing a Life Insurance policy equal to the family debt, this will insure peace of mind and financial security to surviving members of the family. Always purchase as much life insurance needed to cover family expenses as early in life as possible.