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Affordable Health Insurance Brownsville TX

A decade ago, culture change was viewed as an esoteric, academic buzzword. Today, Affordable Health Insurance Brownsville TX has become a maxim for ensuring that the fundamental assumptions, values, mindsets, and thought processes of a firm’s employees adapt to changing conditions. Affordable Health Insurance Brownsville TX change deals less with implementing new initiatives that with changing a firm’s fundamental mindset. Affordable Health Insurance Brownsville TX deals with information-sharing, treatment of employees, work allocation, and decision-making. Culture change occurs not only inside a firm, among its employees, but outside, among its suppliers and customers.

To accomplish culture change, Affordable Health Insurance Brownsville TX professionals must learn to engage the organization in a series of actions, including the following:

  • Commit to culture change. HR professionals must learn to build a business case for culture change. Culture change must be a means to enhancing shareholder and customer value.
  • Define a current culture. HR professional need a model or framework to describe a firm’s culture. The particular framework chosen from the many that have been created matters less than the ability of the HR professional to talk clearly and precisely, using accepted theory and research, about the culture framework chosen.
  • Define the desired culture. Desired cultures reflect the identity of a firm shared by employees and customers. Identifying the desired culture, using any one of many accepted processes, helps HR professionals to articulate the outcome or direction of culture change.
  • Expose culture gaps. Gaps between current and desired cultures need to be made explicit so that roadmaps of culture change can be sketched and followed.
  • Prepare and implement culture action plans. Culture action plans may include corporate-wide programs (for example, a quality training initiative or competence-based hiring practice), reengineered processes (for example, in purchasing, customer interface, or order-to-remittance), or employee engagement activities (for example, running town-hall meetings at which employees act in character with the new culture). HR professionals must creatively turn cultural ideas into real actions
  • Coordinate culture change efforts. In many culture change efforts, more work is done than is integrated. One solution is to make HR professionals responsible for forming, sponsoring, or chairing a transformation team with the job of integrating parallel activities dedicated to culture change.
  • Measure results. Often, culture change efforts begin with big fanfare but end months later with a whimper. HR professionals should be able to measure and document a culture change and its impact on people, processes, and profits.

While these may not be necessary steps for every culture change, they represent some of the basic lessons that will need to be applied by the Affordable Health Insurance Brownsville TX professionals of the future.









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