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Insurance4Dallas (I4D) specializes in Small Group Health Insurance. We have partners in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. We represent Aetna, Assurant Health, BCBS, Cigna, Humana, and United Health Care. All of our products are tailored to Self-Employed Individuals, their families and Small Businesses of 2-500 employees. We help companies understand their health Insurance options with the new Obama Care laws.  Below are savings and advantages that may be received from doing one of the following:

Eliminate Your Groups Deductible

  • – Reduces Premium Cost
  • – Reduces Out of Pocket Cost
  • – No Deductible Cost

Self-Funded Plans

  • – May Reduce Premium Cost
  • – Healthy Groups may get a partial “Return of Premium”
  • – Monthly Reporting of Funds in Plan
  • – Administrated via a TPA
  • – No risks to Employer

49 Employees or Less. Online Plans!

  • – Eliminates Employer Insurance Commitment
  • – Eliminates Employer Insurance Cost
  • – Employees may get Subsidies
  • – Employees may get Cost Sharing
  • – Plans are Portable
  • – Employer can opt in for Group Dental, Vision, & Life
  • – I4D Stream Lines the Online Process

ACA Tax and Benefit Compliance Plans (50+ Employees)

  • – Eliminates paying Obama Care $2K Tax/Employee
  • – Offers Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)
  • – Removes Tax to Employee on MEC Plans
  • – Pays for Preventative Care
  • – Premiums are Less than Marketplace Plans
  • – Offers several options to “Save Money”

Take the time to complete the information below, and we will prescreen your needs and help you understand the new Group Health Insurance mandates.

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