San Antonio small business payroll outsourcing

San Antonio small business payroll outsourcing


San Antonio small business payroll outsourcing

Loyal customer discount. Usually the insurance industry is impersonal when it comes to setting rates. However, some companies reward long-time customers with discounts.

Exclude coverage for wind and hail. In some areas of the country, the danger4 from wind and hail is substantial. In these locales, a significant amount of homeowner’s premiums go to cover these pe4rils. If you want to take your chances, you9 can save on your premiums by agreeing to exclude these San Antonio small business payroll outsourcing coverage’s.

The Question of Endorsements

Another important job you have as a consumer is making sure you are adequately protected based on your individual needs. As we have seen, the basic policy covers a wide range of insurance protection. However, it is not complete. You may wish to add the following protections through San Antonio small business payroll outsourcing endorsements.

Earthquake coverage. For details, please refer to our discussion of earthquake insurance.

Home office coverage. The basic homeowner’s policy will cover $2,500 worth of business equipment. If you work out of your home and have business equipment in excess of that amount, you may wish to increase your San Antonio small business payroll outsourcing protection.

Personal articles floater. The basic coverage for personal property loss is sometimes inadequate to fully protect valuables such as jewels, fur coats, or antique furniture. If you have valuables such as these, you may wish to specifically identify them with the company and establish their value. This is done by appraisal or using purchase receipts, photographs, schedules, or other proof of value of your personal property in a safe and secure place. A bank safety deposit box is ideal, however, if you would rather keep that material at home, be sure to store it in a fireproof safe or container.

Increased blanket coverage. If the total of your personal San Antonio small business payroll outsourcing property is worth more than the policy’s basic coverage will apply to a loss, you can increase the blanket coverage. To determine the value of your property, have your agent supply you with a personal property inventory form.

Buy replacement cost insurance. Unless you make other arrangements, if you suffer a loss to personal property, you will be paid what it is worth as of the date of the loss. This is often less than the replacement cost, since depreciation is deducted from your payment. If you choose, you can pay for coverage that will replace the lost items regardless of their actual worth on the date of loss.

Building code coverage. Many older homes no longer meet current building and safety codes. In such cases, if the home is substantially damaged, local law may require that the entire building be demolished and rebuilt. The only problem is that the San Antonio small business payroll outsourcing policy coverage will not be enough for this demolition and rebuilding process, leaving you with a coverage gap. If such a situation may apply to you, you should investigate purchasing an endorsement that will pay for the costs of rebuilding as dictated by local building and safety codes.


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